TuffStuff MFT-2700 Dual Stack Functional Trainer

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Functional training has hit stride with the Tuff Stuff MFT-2700. This incredibly versitile system is the favorite of personal trainers and physical therapists everywhere. Originally designed for the physical therapy segment, functional training is now the choice of virtually all trainers and everyone working towards core strength and development. The extension arm offers 150 degrees high-to-low range of vertical adjustment, and 165 degrees of horizontal adjustment and are hydraulically supported. Compact designe but with a wide-base frame area easily accessible for wheelchair, rehab equipment and workout benches. Rated for light commercial usage For three generations, TuffStuff has pioneered the industry’s standard for innovations and design functions in home gyms. With TuffStuff’s proven capability and reputation, you can be assured of the highest standards of quality and a name that you can trust for reliability, experience and support.