Benefits of a Rower Machine

With the fitness world having so many types of equipment for us to choose from, deciding which you like most (or least) may be difficult. While it seems mundane to consider your preferred type of workout equipment, it’s critical to keeping up with your regular routine. Identifying your favorite type machine can help you weave out those you don’t like, and help you avoid making the excuse of not getting your workout because you’re tired of running the treadmill.

One piece of workout equipment that gets frequently overlooked is the rower machine. As the eponymous name states, it imitates the act of rowing a boat in water and provides a particularly well rounded workout. Using resistance in the form of water, air, or magnets in the flywheel, the user pulls on the strap and sets in motion the paddles or fans (if using water/air) which creates the resistance. Depending on how hard the user pulls on the straps determines the strength of the resistance created, and ultimately the intensity of the exercise.

Typically, rowing for 30 minutes at a relatively decent pace can burn anywhere between 200-400 calories, making it an excellent way to lose weight. Adding a rowing session to your workout routine, along with some weight lifting can help you lose those initial pounds, and help make way for muscle building.

Rowing is also a great way to shape up your cardio. The constant motion builds your overall endurance and increases heart rate. If cardio is your goal on the rowing machine, keep the resistance level low and quicken your speed.

Cardiovascular and weight loss benefits are not all that the rowing machine has to offer. For those interested in getting a great muscle toning exercise, rowing offers a full-body workout. Beginning with the legs, then engaging your core as you stretch the rope or chain, and finishing with your upper body and shoulder muscles to finish the pull, the rowing machine creates an opportunity to tone multiple muscle groups in one swift motion.

The rowing machine is a great investment that will ultimately pay for itself once you incorporate it into your regular routine. From its cardiovascular benefits, to its ability to engage and tone multiple muscle groups in one workout, you’ll may find that the rowing machine has become your favorite exercise tool. At Home Fitness Warehouse we have hundreds of options for exercise equipment, including one of our favorites, the rower machine!